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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

No time is a good time to vomit, but 4AM seems a worse time than many others. So I am home from work today. I got an invitation from the Honors Program at school. But I have to ask myself, do I really want to write a thesis as an undergrad and take extra courses on top of my lofty goals just to get 2 words typed on my degree? I suppose every letter counts to someone who decides how much money my time is worth.
The housewarming was more low-energy than I would have liked, but I really love all the people who made it and had a good, mellow time. I'm still getting used to "grown-up" parties and really miss drugs and nudity and silly party games. It makes me self conscious to think that i'm the only one thinking that what this party really needs is a few more bottles and a game of strip Uno. And I appologise to any of you who were there if you find this offensive. I love you anyway, and if you love me, you'll just have to accept this about me. But I behaved myself. That's all I can offer. I just sometimes have difficulty reconciling that what makes me comfortable is not only quite different from what makes other people comfortable, but sometimes quite the opposite.


Many things could be made better with a few more bottles and a game of strip Uno :-D

Grown-up parties are designed to be boring. The ones that are work-related I can deal with easily enough since there is at least a topic of conversation, and most of my grown-up friends throw non-boring parties (they seem to involve things like Gaea worship, political action or boffing practice), but when my mother's friends have us over... there is only so much sports talk I can handle. I can do it, no problem, and even sometimes enjoy myself, but I will always prefer the ones that involve silly party games :-)
Yeah. Not sure I like this grown-up thing. *sigh* Everyone there were people I knew from NERO so guess what people talked about? Not that I don't like talking about it, but some folks are so intense and clever and creative, I really feel like I can't keep up, much less have anything to contribute. And the few times I did, I was talked over or ignored, so I stopped talking and started on the wine and the only game I thought would involve everyone equally. (Apples to Apples) It didn't occur to me how much this stuff was bothering me untill just now. Sorry to unload like this. I just know I'm going to wind up hurting people's feelings if I continue with this, so I'm gonna shut up now.

wha wha?

Now I feel like a big bumbling dorfus. I'm sorry if I mowed you over and you aren't hurting my feelings. MEW! :( So let's talk! (hug)
It doesn't sound like fun. I usually consider lj a good place to unload, though it can be hard when more people read it. I hope things get better, and you stop being sick. ::hugs::


Wanted to see Hoyce naked that badly, eh? ;)

Well, I had fun. :P


Re: Dang.

It's not about seeing people naked. It's more about closeness and comfort. I had fun, but at the same time was pretty uncomfortable and felt really seporate from eyeryone else. It's difficult to explain.

Re: Dang.

Heh, well, that was a joke, of course.

:hugs: I think there was a lot of closeness, but not a lot of nudity. Which made for more comfort for me, anyway, then uh, if we were naked.

Mrf. I hope I didn't make you feel sepurrated or mew mew badness or mew sad mew. *hugs* Can we talk? Should I call you? *hug*

Re: Dang.

Sorry I'm so mopey. Been really down the last couple days, and I think the party had something to do with it. No one in particular though. And waking up sick today didn't help matters any. You can call if'n you want, or i'll get on IM.
I'm sorry I didn't make it to the party! I had every intention of being there on Sunday, but found myself leaving CT very late and then stuck in too much traffic. I will eventually get out to see you all sometime soon.
Strip Uno? ::blink, blink:: Now there's one that I haven't heard before. I assume same as strip poker, roughly, only different card game?

And it's going to take far more than strip Uno to offend me, even as self-conscious as I am. I definately promise more hugs, though, if that'll help make up for it. :D

Sorry we couldn't make it, since I was feeling a bit under the weather too. :( Blarg. What a weekend to get sick.