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led astray

January 2013

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just a reminder

If you can read this, I love you (not in the sex way). I may at times disagree with you or dislike some things you do, or even be vehemently opposed to some of your beliefs, but I still love you. I may not have spoken directly to you for a while and I may have skipped a journal entry or two, but guess what? I love you. I hope you meet all the expectations you have for yourself. I hope you get all the things you need in life, and at least some of the things you want. I realize that I am responsible for the way I treat people, and that most of that stems from how I feel about people. Most days I love you passively. Today I am loving you actively in hopes that I can treat you better and be a better friend to you, whatever that may mean for us. What's that? You don't love me? Ok. Fuck you, but I still love you. That's right, you heard me. Yes you. I. Love. You. And if you don't love you sometimes, I will love you for you till you do.


I love you too, hun. ::hugs::

Awwww. I'm feeling the love, and sending it right back.


I love you too. Thank you for letting me know.
You have shared some things in your journal that were so staggeringly sad I could not formulate a response to them. Just because I was silent doesn't mean I don't care and don't want you to have healing. I guess the best thing to say is "I am sorry that happened!" It seems so inadequate though. So, I'm sorry for my silence, which does not always equal indifference.
Sometimes silence is the only answer. (((hug)))
I love you too. At a time in my life where I lacked direction and had lapsed loving I met you and re-discovered love and family. I may not always be able to help, and I may not always be together enough to show it, but I do always love you.