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led astray

January 2013

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Ah, the irony.

Last night I decided that today I would take off from school because there was no way for me to catch up on all the homework I missed to go to a NERO event, and I decided that rather than stress about it, I would give myself the extra day to catch up. No sooner than that came out of my mouth, the world decided that if I was to stay home, I should have a darn good reason, and I began to feel ill. I woke up at 4AM to discover great pain when I swallowed. Not able to get fully back to sleep the rest of the night, I have been drag-ass all day. Though it did afford me the opportunity to watch Angles in America, which I had been meaning to see. For several hours, I held my sweet Tinka girl in my lap and supported her weight on my arms. Something starteled her and she lept a few inches in the air, then landing on my maleable flesh rather than solid groune must have re-startled her, for no sooner had she touched my face than she launched right off it several more inches, slicing my upper lip open. I cleaned it out and put ointment on it. I really hope it doesn't scar. Then there was the yellow snot. Guh. So I still have all the homework to do, it's getting late, I'm a limp wet rag of a human, and Eric has to work late because his job has decided that that is a good idea.

And another thing. I know I complain all the frikkin time about being poor and how having no money stresses me out. Well now I am a beneficiary on the life insurance of two people I care about, so I say to the world, I'm glad you have your little fun games with me, they are occasionally amusing, but I would really much rather have my friends than the money from thier life incurance. I get the joke, life, but there's a line, and that would not be funny.


Bummer on the sickness and the kitty-face scratching.

However, the yellow snot isn't as bad as you might think - it's when it goes all green that you're in the badness. Some nice warm sinus flushing might feel nice :)

And I know how you feel on the life insurance. There was a time where money was stupidly tight and I remember thinking it would be ironic if I died - Druid would get 100K, and be set for a while :P