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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Day From Hades

In bed at 12:30. Asleep around 2ish (AM). Up at 5:45. At work 7:10am - 3:30pm. Break?? What break? One person called out sick. Then it got busy. Then another person pulled a no-show (which surprised the hell out of me since she's recently been promoted to manager). It gets busier. I hardly have time to keep tea made, forget using the bathroom or eating. I was upstairs alone. The people were non-stop, and of course, some of them wanted special attention: one lady had me walk her through the iced-tea making process, another lady had me go into her purse, get her wallet, get her money out of her wallet and put it all back in her purse because she had just come from getting a manicure and couldn't mess up her nails to do it herself, but she needed to have tea right that moment!!! Get a fuggin life people!!! K, so then, in the midst of one of the worst work days in the year I've been there, all the register terminals freeze. No cash drawer, no righing people up. It was correct change cash only. Man, were people pissed! Luckily, I managed to laugh it off and play nice to all the people who came in that HOUR (possible exaggeration) and most were pretty nice about it.

But I made $45 in my tip cup, which is unprecedented, since I work for wages, not tips. But I earned every last cent!!! So I took it and went to the bead store after work. Didn't spend all of it, though I was tempted. Now I am having trouble keeping upright.

P.S. Eric just IMd me and asked me to tell everyone that he loves me. :-)


Ooo! What did you buy at the bead store?

I want to come visit you and bead all day long :)
So come visit! :-)