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led astray

January 2013

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the long chill

It's back. The chill I just can't shake. The next several months will be filled with bitching and whining about the cold, even if I don't verbalize it. Eric wants to move to Canada. Socialized medicine seems almost worth it, but no, it's too damn cold. I spent 40 minutes exersizing and at the end of it, I was still chilly. I think it may be safe to take the A/Cs out now. *grumble*

Yesterday was a crappy day. No one did anything wrong. Life was pretty OK, except for the hormones and the big, fat 60 I got on a paper that I thought I had done rather well on. But she said we can rewrite them. *sigh* If there's one thing I hate more than writing papers, it's writing them again.

The big plan for today is to study for the next Mandarin test tomorrow. And drink gallons of tea in an attempt to keep warm. It works for about 10 minutes, then I have to get another cup. But at least it's going to be cold and rainy at NERO this weekend! Oh, wait, that sucks! A large part of me doesn't want to go. Some of that is hormones. Some of it is the weather. Some of it is the money. Some of it is the drama. Not just the recent drama. ALL the NERO drama. It's supposed to be a game, but it gets so full of OOG crap and junk and egos and stress that it just doesn't seem worth it. I get annoyed anytime I hear people talking about it anymore. I think if I do go this weekend, it may be my last, at least for a while. I'm so tired of NERO.

I think I need to go put on a skullcap. My head is leaking out what little heat my body is producing.


Yeah, pretty much my thoughts exactly about the weather and NERO. I'm planning on bringing the electric heater (unless you need it. It is yours. But I hope HtM brings his.) and setting up a nice warm OoL with tea and good things to eat, and as much as possible staying inside where it's warm and dry. Maybe I'll even bring my book on Chinese medicine to read. It's close enough to in character to work, and will be much better than sitting around in the rain. Maybe extra candles too... Anything to make it brighter and more cheerful...
We'll be bringing our heater too, and if my knee starts acting up, I'm certainly not going to be outside in the cold too much.

I'd let you borrow my hunter coat, but I think it's a might bit big... :)

I promise lots of exothermic hugs, though.
can you bring the hunter coat anyway? *blinkscutely* If it's too big it's even in character for me :)
::laughs:: Oh, I'm definately bringing it, but I might be able to lend it out. I've got cloaks, after all.


Canada ? Brrrrrr

Gimme 80-90 degree weather any day of the week.
My mom lives in Canada - too cold :) (heck - MA is too cold!) - AK