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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Where did that come from??

Yesterday was the most fantastically good day I have had in a looooooong time. It was a long ass 13 hours out of the house day, 11 of which were amazing (the 2 on public transportation were only average).
* The Mandarin test I was studying frantically for on the train on the way in went much better than expected. All the characters I needed to remember how to write were ON the test IN context. It was like having a cheat sheet given out by the teacher! I definately got an 'A'.
* Movement for Actors is just always fun. I get a workout without having to go to the gym. And a movement project I had been working on with a girl in class went over really well.
* I talked to Wendy about my Mandarin test because I got out early and that is her office hours. Now she wants to take Mandarin. And she said the stuff I put on the board was beautiful. It said, "I am a student. You are a good teacher." but it looks so much more impressive in characters.
* It seems that during my lunch break free peroid is the directing class led by Wendy. It seems that in order to direct, they need actors. So I spent my lunch break auditioning for them. It was fun.
* In History of Religion, after I was bullied out of a group discussion because they wanted to talk about something I didn't think was relevant (we were supposed to talk about the paper topic we chose and summarise and present it to the class via a spokesperson), and after the teacher told the spokesperson that what he said wasn't really relevant, I summarized my paper to the class, and she pointed with both outstretched arms and with a big smile said, "That's exactly it! You got it!" I love validation.
* Then I went up to the black box to help James audition people, because I am supposed to assistant direct the show with him. But he begged me to audition because he was afraid he wouldn't have enough people. That was a lot of fun, and I got to be silly with people I hadn't seen over the summer.
* On the train home I saw a guy that was in a class I had a couple semesters ago and he was on a cell, but I overheard him say "Ni hao" and Got excited because I recognized it as Mandarin. So I talked to him and pulled out my flash cards and he thought it was great fun to drill me on the train! And he said my character writing was good.
* I got home to a belated birthday card from grandma with a check for enough money to get the BU dental plan (due to a conversation earlier in the week)!

The universe gave me a break. Thanks, universe.


Bet you never thought in high school that *you* would be the smart-assed kid who sucked up to the teacher and blew the curve on exams, huh? ;-) I'm so proud of you! *HUG*
Wow, after my crappy day yesterday, I feel a lot better - the world wasn't shorting me, it was making sure you had a great day! Wooot! I will happily give my good times to you!

::does the happy Snoopy-on-the-roof dance:: You've just managed to transform my crankiness about yesterday into happiness - thanks!

I do wish that you, too, got to see a large Canada Goose getting blown *backwards* though - that was pretty darn funny
I'm sorry you had a crappy day. I was wondering who I stole all the good karma from. I would much rather each of us had an ok day than one really good and one really bad though. :-/
Yeah, but when my good days go to people I like, it makes me feel a lot better about me having an eh day.

And in retrospect, my bad day was humourous - I *did* get to see a goose flying backwards, and that was pretty cool :)