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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


Anyone get obsessive about anything recently? Please tell me about it so I don't feel so foolish!


Massive Attack is the perfect soundtrack for life, especially at the moment.

And, yes, obsession seems to be in the air. I spent part of my morning writing the back story of a Sarr fighter with a grudge against pacifists, a little-kid orc healer ("Look! Look! Watch! Me fix you!!") who's mother was an orc and father was a human village healer who was very suprised to find a green baby on his doorstep [this has the advantage that if you wanted to stop being annoying you could have him grow up over the course of his first year], and a Frog Kin baglady who would carry around everything she owns, croak at the young whippersnappers and throw celestial spells that she learned to keep kids out of her pond, which was distroyed by the Kurznor. Not that I intend Mori to die even once more anytime soon, but after Mori's history got filled in I had to keep myself entertained somehow...
I am really excited about my biata secondary. Her history needs to be long though, because she'll be nearly 100 comming in. But I find if I think about her too much, I don't feel like playing Issalura anymore. I really want to like playing Issy, but it gets really hard sometimes. I lose focus. She's hard to find inspiration for. But I obsess about NERO all the time. And I know it's not just me. Glad you like our little game. It likes you back. I also have a Sarr in mind. She's a scout and little more than a kitten so she likes to play chase the scavengers. But that's way far away, both in time and money.
My Sarr idea is barely out of kittenhood too, except she's about 12-13 in human years and in the angry teenager stage. So she's cute whenever she forgets to hate the world, and will curl up in the sun when not killing anything she can/is allowed to. She probably plays with her food, too.

How long have you been playing Issalura? I like her partly because she seems less of the high-fantasy type. She fishes, and tries to do good things. Many characters seem to have these big, concrete goals (become a knight, get gold, kill things, find X), and I suspect they're easier to play than someone who's motivation is fuzzy. I'm working hard to give Mori some wants, needs and desires, even if they don't include money. Or anything material, really. That sort of defeats the tresure hunting aspect of the game, but I'm hoping that if she's around for long enough she might develop a little greed. Or at least find a cool magic item or two.

You know, I first played NERO almost two years ago now, and I can't believe it has taken me this long to get into it. Recently I've started having jobs and free time to make a costume, which helps, and a regular ride to the site. And I came up with a character I want to play (sitting in NPC camp my biggest fears were "will I be bored?" and "will I be a walking fantasy cliche?"). It's the most recent of the line of worlds where I daydream stories, but in this one other people tell the story too.
I am obsessed with painting my nails! I've always bit my nails for as long as I can remember. Then my brother's girlfriend took me to NY back in April for a "makeover" and the lady who did my manicure told me that if I didn't bite my nails for three days I'd have tips! So now, all I do is obsess over my nails! If I keep them nicely painted, I tend not to bite them.

Now I'm all into painting my toe nails too, and I just bought two pairs of sandals so I can show off my pretty toes! Yes, I am insane, I know this. But you asked. :)
I was obsessive about painting my nails for a while. But then I had to get a job, and because I don't have my degree (YET) I have to actually to manual labor, so it stopped being worth my time. Now I'm lucky if I remember to file them before they all break off at work. But I always trim and file both sets of nails before NERO. Wow. It's sad how much I do for and because of NERO. For instance, that's how I know all of you.
Recently? My life *is* obsession, constantly. Especially the things I can't have. Like Sky Captain, dammit. And don't even get me started on the books I'm waiting for... ::laughs::
I figured you would have things to obsess about! ;-) You're pretty neat. I imagine you get an idea in yur head and it seems like just an idea untill you find yourself awake at night thinking about ways to improve your idea...lol. Just like me. (((hug))) What is Sky Captain? What books are you waiting for?
Eh, some of them are neat things... sometimes it's just obsessing about an upcoming test, or something silly like that. Ah, insomnia, breakfast of champions. ;)

Sky Captain is an upcoming Jude Law movie. Lots of 1920s style clunky robots and pulp-fiction villains - it's got a feel very much like the Indiana Jones movies, from the previews. It got pushed back until September. :(

The books... ::grumbles:: _Feast for Crows_, the most recent edition of George R.R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" series. Spectacular books, but we've been waiting for the next one since last fall, and he keeps pushing it back. I saw him at Boskone, and he said "soon" - which apparently translates into "at least next year," since they pushed it back again.


They were giving out Sky Captain trading cards at free comic book day and I knew what it was because I had read this comment :-)

get in line.