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led astray

January 2013

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I win! (NERO update)

NERO was good to me this event for a couple reasons.

1) I think I may have convinced the giant spider people not to cast Necromancy!!!!! And an official treaty/alliance is in the works! (Sure, send other people out to negotiate with the Nymph and they screw her, but send Issy to fight some monsters and look what happens!)

2) In trying to impress representatives of said giant spider people, I was effective in battle!!

3) We got magic items and scrolls and components and coin as a team this event! Our treasury is starting to fill out and look like a real treasury and not the "My First Treasury" starter kit.

The rain did not ruin my time as I had expected. It actually didn't rain all that much. It misted and drizzled a lot, but it was warm enough that it didn't make me sick. Adrienne broke her leg against a tree, and that was sad, so I am going to go over there and keep her company today. I figure I'll bring some homework and she can read or watch movies. Damn, I have a lot of homework to do.


Woooot. *AND* said spider people wanted to help you guys in battle! ;)

Good to know you had a good Nero weekend, and that the rain wasn't too bad. On Saturday night it sounded like the sky just dumped all its water out at once... and all I could do was imagine the players getting completely soaked :P
The whole spider thing is really cool. Sorry I was too wiped out to really celebrate that with you when you were so proud of it yesterday. That's one of those momentous NERO moments when you do something unexpected with a mod or plot piece, and change the whole puzzle. :-D You win!

And I think the rain on Saturday dumped mostly during dinner/logistics, so hopefully most people were inside studying or eating. At least, I don't really remember getting completely soaked. (Not that I run around in the rain anyway though.) :-)