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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

that familiar sinking feeling

Ok. I hate to be stereotypical, but damn, does my cycle make me miserable! I don't really hate everyone and everything. I just think I do today.

I don't know if I want to go to NERO this weekend. It's going to rain the whole time. I am going to be wet and cold and want to sit in the cabin and keep dry, thus negating any possibility of doing anything interesting, or worth the $55 and time and inevitable sickness that will put me behind in school when I am having trouble keeping up after a summer off anyway. But I want to play. It might stop raining. And I keep telling myself that I don't want to go tonight because i'm being hormonal and I don't want to do anything but eat french fries and go to bed (thanks to my hunnie for making me said fries).

I didn't make the play. Then I let it ruin the HQ event for me last weekend because I spent Friday trying not to mope about it in the car for 7 hours, so it came out that night and all day Saturday, eventually tapering off Sunday. It stung more than I was expecting. Then today Wendy said she wanted to talk to me about my audition, but not that minute, which is good, because I would have lost it and cried. I was tearing up when she said even that much. Hormones and criticism don't mix well, so I think i'll email her.

Mandarin is hard.

People have trouble seporating fact from faith in a religious history class. One girl in particular. I want to gag her. And not in a sexy bondage way. Just to shut her up long enough for the professor (one of my 2 favs, btw) to teach something.

My hunnie got me what I asked for for my B-day (tomorrow) (26). I am currently whitening my teeth. It doesn't bother me as much as my acne, but it's been on my mind for about 10 years. Now that my carrear promotes vanity, I thought it was a good enough excuse. Close to a real reason. Speaking of acne, I tried to make an appointment with the dermatologist at school today because the stuff she gave me still isn't working right, I discovered that she no longer works there and there is no replacement. So I get to deal or try some newfangled expensive as hell fad product, or pay even more to go to a dermatologist who will just give me perscriptions that will peel my face off. *sigh*

I want a project, so I think i'm going to go try to find something to turn into an icon. Then shower and bed early I think. G'night.


Hormones royally suck. Sorry they've got you down.

Druid and I are pretty much done making your birthday present, but it's definitely not something to bring to Nero. Let me know what day you would like it and I'll make sure you get it :)

I hope you have a happy birthday, you are much loved.
Thanks so much. You guys didn't have to make me anything, but I'll gladly accept whatever it is. ;-) Loved is a happy feeling. Thanks.
You're welcome. :) I'm pretty sure you'll like it. Some other folks have been in on the conspiracy, too :)

Tee hee!