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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

September 10th: no gas day?

So I wanted to pass along a shortened version of a message that doesn't really pertain to me, but I think it's a good idea if it works. Something about boycotting buying gas on September 10th to "stick it" to the big companies and make them lose billions of dollars so they will lower gas prices. I don't know that's it's reasonable or achieveable, but hey, why not? (If they lose billions of dollars, are they likely to LOWER prices to recover it?? I mean really. They know we need it and will have to give in eventually. I bet they could hold out longer than we could go without gas, especially with winter comming.) Buy, or do not buy. I take the train.


I thought about this after I posted it in my journal and realized something. If people plan not to buy gas on Sept. 10th, we'll all probably buy it on Sept. 9th to make sure we have gas on Sept. 10th and don't have to buy it then. So the big companies make "extra" money on Sept. 9th, and "lose" money on Sept. 10th. It's really a wash, isn't it.

Hybrid cars... that's the way to go. (If only I'd had the money 2 years ago when I needed to buy my current car. :-( )
Exactly. It's not a question of when we buy it, because our consumption will be the same. The only place it'll even be seen would be at the pumps themselves, and they'll just see it even out over the week's/month's earnings. The big companies won't even notice, by the time the $$ works its way up the food chain.