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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

about the hurricane (political rant)

I am still in a bit of shock. As I generally don't watch the news or read the paper I remained ignorant of the situation until 3 days in. Someone said something to me about a storm a couple days before and I thought nothing of it. But now that I know:

Did we really expect more from Bush? Maybe. But it is his job to exceed our expectations. It is his job to look after our best interests, to defend us. Can we impeach on grounds of criminal negligence, and how can we get it accomplished? If we do, then what? We get Cheny? Where the fuck has he been during all this?

I guess we have to ask; could the president have done more to help save hundreds of lives? Was there some political or strategic reason to sacrifice those lives that will save millions more? (These are equally applicable to 9/11.) If the answer to the first question is yes, then he should be impeached. If the answer to the second question is yes, then I want the fucking logically sound proof put on fucking display somewhere every citizen, every person who lost a friend, son, wife, father, aunt, or casual aquaintance to either disaster can see it and it better be so solid that not one of them can argue the necessity.


He could have done much more... the Louisiana Governor has been making public her questions as to why nothing has been done.

The worst is that private sector folks (doctors, Amtrak, etc) have been trying desperately to get in there to help, but they haven't been allowed in by FEMA (I believe those are the emergency aid folks) - Bush was supposed to give an order to supercede FEMA and allow aid in, and didn't.

I know that a bunch of organizations are looking into how to press formal charges against him, but a lot of that progress hasn't been made public. My friend Jai, volare has been making a lot of posts to keep us up to date, so if you'd like to see some more articles, she's a great person to watch.