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led astray

January 2013

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Ok. So I realised (again) that I am not cut out for servicing customers (that's not what I mean). I want a job in my field. I want to be a working actor (at least till I am fluent in Mandarin. Then I can explore other options.). That means I need to get some things together. I need an acting resume. I don't even know what it should look like. I need headshots. I'm only vaguely familiar with what those should look like, and whether I NEED to have them profesionally done or if I can save the $$ and just get the right size B&W prints made from my own camera. I need a voice talent tape, but I have not the foggiest notion of what goes on that and what sort of equipment I need to make one. But I am asking people for help. I emailed my professor, who is one of 2 working actors I know. I also am open to suggestions/advice from anyone here who knows anything about how to make these things. There is an ad for female voice talent in Boston area from Wednesday's craigslist and I want to answer the call but I don't have the necessaries. I want to get them together SOOOOOOOON!!! HELP!


If they don't need to be 100% professionally, I can snag my camera (6 megapixels - the 35mm isn't working, unfortunately) and do black & white or color for you. And they'd be able to print them up at Kinkos or Staples.

For voice - the better quality equipment you can get, the better it'll sound. Afraid I don't have any of that gear. :(
I would also offer my photographic talents if you need them. I don't have a digital, but I'm pretty good with the manual camera I've got.
I can't remember if any of my "how to be a working actress" books made it with me, but I don't think they did. Perhaps a quick trip to the library is in order. Reading them is never encouraging (the theme of most of them is basically "be prepared for daily rejection for the rest of your life, and really crappy jobs on the side to pay the bills"), but they have useful information like how to make a demo tape, what headshots should look like and how to choose a monologue. Most of them are focused more towards New York (or Hollywood for movies/voice), but that stuff is the same everywhere.

Honey! I've got tons of advice in this department!

Go to onemodelplace.com. Set up a profile with a couple of nice pictures, I know you have 'em, cuz I've seen 'em. Contact any of the boston area photogs who have the words TFP in their profile. Means Time For Prints, and no money changes hands, but pictures do. If you need more advice, CALL me. :) I miss you.

Re: Honey! I've got tons of advice in this department!

BTW, most photogs should be able to print headshots and card out for you. You can ask specifically before you shoot with them.