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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Isn't this the square I started on...?

So Saturday was really bad. I got up and went to work, only to find that I was scheduled to work 1 day next week. Considering my other job ended because the person I was covering for came back from Greece, that was not enough. So I spoke to the boss, who has become less and less approachable over the years and asked if there was any way I could get more shifts. She said no. I got angry and anxious about the money and things escalated in my head and I walked out. It was 11:02AM. Really I think it was the block that brought down the teetering tower, but the damage was done. I got 2 angry voicemails from the boss. One denounced my actions and was full of shock, while the other was an angry demand for the key to the store back that very afternoon by 2pm. Looking back, I know it was not the best course of action. Hell, I knew while I was doing it that it was pretty dumb. Today I am considering writing an appology to the boss because I feel awful about it, but I am probably kidding myself to think she might care.

In other news, I got a new job today at the bakery a couple blocks from my house. Don't think it will be much better than Tealuxe, probably worse environment, less busy, but they are not open evenings or Sundays. So in some ways it is better. I start tomorrow.

My emotions are in limbo.

I mostly finished the alterations to the dress for the Faire. I think I will need help lacing myself into it, but it definately fits better now.

I can't fucking wait till school starts. When did summer break become a drag??