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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

on a side note...

Why do red, yellow, and orange bell peppers cost nearly double what green bell peppers cost? Are they more difficult to grow or something? Are all the seeds contained in them sterile and they have to be specially created in a lab or something? I just don't understand. Is it just because they taste better and only people with the money to afford them deserve to eat them while the rest of us poor people get the less tasty green variety?


I went web-searching and found this possible answer:

"You get red and yellow bell peppers by letting the green ones stay on the vine longer. So, it takes longer to get the yellow and red ones and you probably run the risk of some getting damaged before picking them"

However, you can also grow the colored ones from seeds specific to the color, so I think it's just because they are tastier and therefore in higher demand. However... pepper plants are easy to grow... mayhaps a nice orange bell pepper plant on the deck/in the kitchen might be the way to get stuff cheaper. :)
This link explains how hard it is for commercial farmers to get just the right color.

Woot for web-geekery.
Wow. That was a lot of information about peppers. The answer I got, boiled down, was that they take a little longer to grow. (I am less concerned with uniform coloring than with taste.)
Yeah, it was an obscene amount of info, but I figured if you were really stressed, it would make a great temporary distraction :)