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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

network of one

I feel like I need some support tonight, but I don't know where to get it. The roomies have tried, but say I am "fighting" them. So E makes his sad face and I feel bad for being upset.

Fuck it. I can do it myself. I can make myself be fine. Ready? Here goes.

I'm fine.


::hug:: We're here if you need us. I might not always be the best at talking on the phone, but I've got a great ear to rant to, and I tend to give decent advice.

Sending you much love.
(more hugs)
Seriously. If we can help, let us know.
Triple hugs and please give one to your man for me as well :) tell him i miss you guys

First, I wasn't the one who said you were fighting. You weren't looking for solutions, though, which is why I changed gears. I offered hugs and support, which you didn't seem to be interested in, so I proposed B5 as a distraction and figured if you needed anything else you would ask. I can't read your mind either, and when I've gone through all of my basic support offerings and had your anger redirected at me for it, you're right, I back off. That doesn't mean I wouldn't be there if you had asked.

I do feel like if E isn't avalible, you don't really want anything else. I was going to go swimming last night, because it had been too long since we'd gone and this week is going to be short anyway, but other than that I was avalible all night.