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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

why doesn't donald duck wear pants?

Things are things. Have to call my doctor later, when the underprivileged teens have all the technical educational enhancement their minds desire. Tea isn't helping much. Going with green tea, since the hospital told me to lay off the caffeine. Less is almost none, right?? Yesterday I was up at 7am, went to get an ultrasound (didn't realize it would hurt and bruise my ribcage). During the procedure, they called in the radiologist, after the first tech called in her supervisor, and the doc looks at the screen showing my anatomy, cocks her head to the side, points at the screen and says, "What is that?" I had to laugh. When I pointed out to them how this sounded to a patient, they all cracked up too and assured me that I wasn't dying or anything. So I made stressful people laugh at themselves. That was happy. Went home eager to eat and nap. Eating was successful, napping not so much between the phone and the people cutting down trees outside. Then Hoyce came home with a shiny new job *YAY*. Then work, which was ok, except that I hadn't closed upstairs in over a year. Stomach acted up some after my dinner break, but righted itself without much hassle. Got home at 11:30pm. Didn't sleep well. Phone rang at 4:30am. Didn't answer. Alarm went off at 5:30. Tired now. Want to go to yoga later, but don't know if I will have the energy. I have been having trouble the last few times I have gone. I can't seem to keep my balance or make my body line up right.


As far as caffeine, green tea should be fine. You're really just supposed to lower your intake of caffeine by about 75% (which kills coffee addicts), so green tea, white tea, and mellower blacks should be fine :)