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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


As some of you have heard, I was in the ER yesterday with stabby stomach pains. I have experienced them before, on and off, with no pattern for several years. Earlier this year I saw a doc at school about it and he told me nothing was wrong, that maybe stress was making it hurt, but that felt like utter bull because it has happened in times of little to no stress. So E finally convinced me to go to the ER yesterday when I called him in tears. The nature of this malady has always been that is intense for 2-3 hours, like doubled over whimpering kind of intense, then tapering off over the next 2-3 hours. By the time they got to me with the medecine they were going to try, the pain was gone and all I had was hunger pangs because I had had nothing to eat for about 9 hours. And I told them this. But they still insisted on giving me a perscription for this medicine which we have no idea if it actually did or will do anything. *sigh* And though they told me verbally that they didn't know what it was, they printed out this big sheet saying I have gastritis and to avoid caffeine and spicy foods and stress. It makes me laugh to read it because they obviously have no idea about my lifestyle to deny me these particular things. Hell, spicy foods have been known to make my stomach feel BETTER, if anything. And no caffiene when I work at a tea shop? No stress when I am a full time "A" student who also has to work to make rent and bills? And the nurse is sure it's an ulcer, but isn't "qualified" to say so. But I have a referral to some clinic that i imagine has a GI specialist so they can figure it out. Calling them now.


For better or worse, I know all too much about digestive issues. My guess is the med is a Proton Pump Inhibitor. If you genuinely have an ulcer (stabby horrid pains that can happen at random are a good indicator), the medicine will help. The best thing to check an ulcer is usually not very pleasant - gastroscopy - but it's the best. Otherwise they'll probably make you drink a lot of barium and take some pictures. ::hug:: Stomach stuff sucks, sorry your going through it