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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


Me, tired? Who would have thought? But yes. I am tired. Working on my feet all day sucks. After work I am way too tired for anything but reading or video games, forget cooking or yoga. Although I know I need to go to bed earlier so I get enough sleep in before 5:30AM, I just can't seem to go to bed before 10-11 because I want to visit with people, even though we're all wiped. Even on my day off my body was exhausted and i did terrible at yoga and slumped into child's pose and cried for a few minutes (the beauty of that pose being that no one could see me cry). Then there was the grocery store. I decided that crying during yoga was a sure sign of PMS and that I needed some chocolate, and Shaws happens to be attached to the yoga studio. So A and I went in. I was still in my scanty, sweaty workout clothes, so I was self-conscious. Then A decided she wanted to go shop for a few things to cook while we were there. Fine. But then I lost her. So I am in the grocery store, which makes me anxious all by itself, I am scantily clad, getting cold now because my sweaty clothes are getting chilled from the produce isle, I am hungry, tired from yoga, PMSing and I have lost my ride. Anxiety attack much? It was not fun.

Today I am working two jobs. The media lab was forced to hire me for a couple days a week for the rest of the summer because my boss' grandfather died and he had to go to Greece for 3 weeks and the other managers who could cover for him are on leave or vacation. So I got here at 7:45 this morning and will be here till 3, when I go to Tealuxe by 4 and close up there at 9, putting me home at 10ish. *sigh* And I was not originally scheduled to work today at all. Damn my poverty! Next day off is Sunday. I can hardly wait for school to start just so I can be on my feet less.