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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

something to occupy my mind

I need something to occupy my mind. It was suggested to me by my loving family (the people I live with, not the blood relatives my birth cursed me with) that I take up making bead jewlery. Now I know this is a very 80's white-bred fashion statement, but there are a few pieces that don't look awful and I wouldn't mind sporting to set off a pair of pointy ears for a weekend in the woods with my closest friends. And the job is small enough to require most of my attention to keep the miniscule beads from falling all over the place and I have to count and keep color schemes in my head, so it's a good thing to focus on. So today I am going to Harvard Square alone to find the Bead Store and get ready for a project. And if i'm lucky, I can turn the results of my need for mind occupation into fake money in a fantasy world, where people might actually wear the things I make.


Hey dudette, if you want any advice/patterns/resources/etc. for beading, simply let me know. I'm a diehard beader from way back.

Maybe the next time we're IG together the Baroness and Izzy can bead :)
Whoa. The baroness beads?? lol I didn't realise how expensive it is to making anything I would ever wear or think about asking for money (real or fake) for!! I would love some tips and how-to's and any help you're willing to give. :-)
If you're doing seed beading (which is very fun and inexpensive) a great place to get beads in bulk is on eBay. Seed beads are a great place to start, I know it can get prohibitively expensive when you start getting handmade and lampworked beads.

If you want to send me your address I can send you a pattern for a good starter necklace to get you going? It's the same pattern as was taught to me when I began. Let me know! My email is jkaugust AT yahoo dot com.
Fake money is always good :-) I used to bead when I was younger; haven't in a while, but you can do some very cool things. I bet Mori would buy something ocean-themed off you next time, after her little fieldtrip...
I was in the store (dangerous because it's a block from one of my jobs, the one I leave with $5-$10 in tips every day...they know my face already) and saw some awsome sea/shell themed things, but didn't know if there would be a market for them. I know Issy is a sailor, but I didn't know if other people would be interested in any of that stuff. But now I know. :-)
I think it's so cute that my icon and one of yours are cut from the same picture! :)