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led astray

January 2013

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ouch and some philosophy

I finally got to my appointment with the dermatologist, after months of waiting and years of being harassed by my grandmother about my acne, which is very uncomfortable. I went, got a couple perscriptions, and used them last night. One is a cream for my face to put on every night at bedtime. I woke up this morning and I feel like I flew into the sun face-first, even after washing the stuff off and putting on moisturizer. Ouch. I'm pretty sure it's because the gel suspension that the medecine is dissolved in is 70% ALCOHOL! Bastards. Hi. We want your face to clear up, but we still want to mock you and make you suffer for having acne. *sigh* But the dermatologist said she has no doubt in her mind that this combination of medicine will clear me up within 2 months and that by the fall we can start working on some of my scars. That will be good. So face is red and burny today.

Last night, I was ok enough to give someone else some comfort. That felt good, like I was positively influencing someone's life. I like to help. I just have to work on helping when i'm less than great. Now I have to talk about NERO. (It's connected, I assure you.) I even wrote about this in a paper for one of my East asian philosophy classes. Playing Issy at NERO gives me good practice at being a better person. Even though it is only a few times a year, I get to be this person who only ever wants good things to happen and tries hard to influence the world around her in positive ways and make life better for other people. Now, according to some eastern philosophies (i'm thinking Taoism right now), in order to become a good person, you need to PRACTICE being a good person. Cause that shit ain't easy. The idea is that even if you are not a good person, practice doing good things will get you in the habit of doing good things, and that will make you a good person. So here is Issy, good to a fault, and I practice responding to the world in this way, and reacting to things the way she does, and since she is a better person than I am, being Issy, in turn, helps me to be a better person. I think I was much more articulate about this in my paper (I got an A). But that is one of my reasons for playing this carachter this way. It was not the origional intention, but as I have seen the proof of it, I intend to keep it up. And yes, she can be annoying, but she is good, damnit. And I want to be good too.


meow. You are good. And you make really tasty chicken. ;-) *hug*
Bummer on the cream... chemical burniness is not good.

And indeed, practice is a good thing. While I'm biased and already think you're a good person, being able to set yourself into a state of mind through practice is a wonderful thing.

I practice being zen. Teflon mind is a fun one to practice... everything just slides off. :)
Practice being Zen is what my Twilight elf will be for! :-D
You're not just good...you're .com