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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

new show

The internet is working again at my apartment. This time, they just ran a whole new line into the house, so in theory we shouldn't have this problem anymore. In theory.

We watched the premire of 30 days last night. It made some of us feel guilty, others angry, and I think I occasionally laughed (recognising many elements of my own life). This was an hour long showcase of 2 people trying to live for 30 days on minimum wage. You can probably guess how that went. The thing that amazed me was how quickly they actually got jobs. It took me (and others I know) months to find work. I guess that wouldn't have made for a good show though. I hope a lot of rich people saw it last night. THere was a funny segment when they interviewed some senator or mayor or something who went on about drinking and drugs as the cause of people being poor and not providing good lives for thier children, meanwhile, the stars did not have a single alcoholic beverage or smoke or anything like that and could barely survive. Way to miss the target, important lady. So, yeah, if you get the chance, see this show. Eric says it's a sociologist with a camera and that's a great idea. This is the guy who did Supersize Me. It's called 30 days. I guess Wednesdays at 10 on FX.


This is largely for the benifit of other people who visit here, but:

-I thought the show was good
-It definately struck home for me, in a rage filled and saddened kind of way
-The woman spoken about earlier was, I believe, either a congresswoman or state government elected official. And I think she was pointing out more how many people in poverty turn to alcohol and/or drugs as a coping mechanisim, thereby making a shitty situation all the worse, particularly if they have kids. Or I may just be channeling my own experiences there...not sure.
-The dude's name is Morgan Spurlock.

These random thoughts brought to you by:

-The Hoyce
I wish I had cable! I'll have to wait for it to come out on Netflix :)
There isn't much television I bother watching. We have cable mostly for the internet and the food network. But this show is just real enough and just left enough for me. :) Granted, I knew all about the living on minimum wage episode, but it was nice to see it being held up to the world on s silver platter, smattered with Lexus commercials.