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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

stupid health care system (teeth)

My jaw hurts. I think one of my wisdom teeth is trying to surface. The problem with that is that they are pointed horizontally under my gums rather than vertically, so when they want to push up, they ram my other teeth instead. It is painful. It happens about twice a year. The insurance I get through my school does not cover dental. So it was suggested to me that I go to this community health care place where I could fill out paperwork and show them how poor I am and they would give me free care. Sounds good. Problem: they are not taking new patients. So here I sit, poor and in pain, with little recourse but to continue sitting here, poor and in pain.


Ouch! Ice that jaw!! And lots of Tylenol! Oooh.... I feel for you.
Try some essential oil of clove - by Aura Cacia. Rub a little on the tooth... or kind of chew a clove there if you can't get the oil.

*hugs* I hope it feels better soon!
Also, most Massachusetts hospitals offer free care... and some have dental surgeons. That's something to look into. There are also community clinics up in Lowell, Druid has their phone number that are taking new clients, although it can be a wait to see someone.

Fortunately Mass has a lot of options, although there can be that ugly waiting.

Clove oil is good, peppermint oil can be good, too (just don't use too much or it can hurt). Some nice cool yogurt can help, too.

I feel your pain on the wisdom teeth, mine move and bump into just about everything they're not supposed to... yeouch.
Hos pit tals... have f r e e c a r e? ? ?
I have never heard of this! I will have to check into the one near us. Thanks.
Yupperoonies. Unless it's a private hospital, they get funding from the state and the feds to provide folks like us with free care. You usually just have to request an application. Some places will give you a number to call, others will have you fill out paperwork. It's usually pretty easy :)