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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

strange little girl

Yup. THat's me, according to my roommates. I finally get comfortable last night (it was too hot even for me during the day) and the roomies are still sweating. Some of us played cards in the air conditioned room, and I had to put a blanket on. I don't understand it any more than they do.

The DnD game we played was great fun. Now i'm hooked again. Now, I likes me any games. CoC was fun, but I like to pretend to be people far cooler than myself more than playing a slightly cooler version of me. It's still fun, but if I have the choice, I like further fantasy. Nothing about the particular campaigns or people running them, much love for both, just a preference for the world and atmosphere.


Re: The Philosophy of Gaming...

And we look forward to playing more!

I liked CoC because I felt like the game world was a whole lot deeper than what I and my character were seeing. It helps that I'd never played before, so that initial excitement of "shiny-NEW" colors the experience. D&D is engaging in a very different way; I know the system, I know the genre, I know the archtype by character is built in relation to. The anticipation is more about "what can I do" and less about "what will I discover next?" More about the details of the story and less about the excitment of the atmosphere. I certainly enjoy both, and I don't think even that I would choose one over the other, but I can certianly see how people would like one better.
COC uber fun, but I'm one of the horror game loving wierdos. (Actually it's about solving the mystery for me, which I've enjoyed since the early days.)

D&D is a lot of fun though. Generally speaking you put more energy into a character since they generally have longer life spans than most COC characters. Plus it's not nearly as socially unacceptable IG to play an axe wielding maniac.

Anyway, looking forward to playing today. Go nerdery. :)