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led astray

January 2013

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Here are some poems I wrote for my Chinese literature final.  They are companion poems.  I will edit later with the origionals they they are supposed to go with. 


Laying awake in darkness,
I reach out for comfort.
Monitor glow outlines the door
From the late night efforts of my lover.
My cat climbs up onto the bed
And makes herself a cave of my bent knees.
When she settles, she lengthens
And her comfort is also mine.


I hear sirens in the morning,
I see fires in the night,
Carry bodies and sweat,
Launch when they tell me and tremble;-
What are the lies of the President to me?


Cold and cloudy on that night;
You followed me while I was walking,
When your fist shortly caught me, the walking became
My lungs ache with the effort.

We traveled a long way together that night;
Urgently you said we would escape,
Yet what I would run from came with me.
Hunched my shoulders, cringing.

Heavy breath and flashes;
Night after night I remember.
The tears are streaming, will not stop,
Still I am not free.

Tense and terror is the sound;
You walk up the stairs.
The tears are streaming, will not stop,
Until I am out from under your wing.


This September day resonates with lingering warmth of summer,
Prodigious flocks take thier noisy leave, as the sun dismounts the sky.
The city buzzes with the changing of the season,
As close as it gets to cozy, the road urges passangers to longer routes.
The tops of buildings anticipate the comming chill,
Countless windows open to capture dregs of August.
The bright smell of leaves in green is fading.
The earthen air of leaves in orange blows by.
I watch the birds, already missing thier songs.
I touch my cat, her fur already thickening.
I watch the children on thier way to school,
Remembering when those days never mattered.
I wish I could be so carefree as once I was,
Or find some more of pleasure in these days of responsibility.


Desire and trouble are violent:
Rest, my heart, in Gentleness!
Desire and trouble bring me to sorrow:
Give Gentleness all my tomorrows:
To set aside all thet I crave,
No longer to be baseness' slave,
I linger, breathing softer air,
And giving my greed lesser care,
Lest my wanting scrape and tear,
Leaving me all bent and bare,
So stall ambition with acceptance:
Rest, my heart, in Gentleness!