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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

impatiently waiting

I am getting out of work early today, but that's still an hour and a half away!! I am so impatiently waiting for NERO to happen. Interesting changes of plans are making one of my MWE friends who was going to come up for the first time stay home and another who wasn't going to come up is now trying to get a ride. It's the great Ansconi swap. lol. Ok. I am really bored and cold. I could be reading, but I am too anxious. I could finish sewing up my horny-hat, but i have too much nervous energy and I think I would stick myself. It's done structurally. The rest is cosmetic. Hope this friggin thing doesn't fall off my head. I spent a week at work making it. Have to finish packing. Have to package the brownies. Have to...wait...still waiting...*sigh*. I hope there are enough beds and that I get there in time to get one and not have to drag my stuff up the hill by hand. I hope cool stuff happens. I hope it's not too cold (supposed to be 45 tonight, ick). I hope it doesn't rain (much). I hope I sell all my brownies. I hope everyone has a good time. I hope I have a good time.


Woohoo!!! I have a ride there! Only another, what, five hours to brownies? See you in not that long...