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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

low con score

Just when I think my constitution has improved (yoga, healthy eating, 4 years smoke-free) I go get sick...again. I do all this healthy shit, and I still get sick. Can't get up off the couch. Tired, lazy, and whiny. I'm really glad I had the easy job today.

Saturday lots of really nifty folks went to my firend's house and played Call of Chtulu. It was fun. I played a little out of my usual charachters, and was actually effective in battle, in the way of shooting the ever-loving crap out of some monsters with the other chick in the group while the military men lay on the floor bleeding thier literal guts out. During the game, I incubated some germs passed around my apartment and they developed into a full-blown cold. Everyone in the apartment (with the exception of a visitor) has it now. We spent Sunday watching all 6 DVDs of the extended LotR, being miserable, coughy, fevery, and nappy. Feeling a bit better today after resting yesterday with Hoyce.

Got a little gaming fix, but now I want more. I hope gaming can become a regular thing. Heck, I might even write a few adventures.


I'm sending those get-better thoughts right back at you, and I'm glad you enjoyed the Call of Cthulu game... I was being paranoid that you didn't like it.

Druid's in the other room right now preparing a DnD adventure, and I still have a whole other thing for you guys to go through in the Cthulu game... so there's plenty available. :)
Yeah, Eric said it looked like I wasn't having fun towards the end. I was, but by that time I was feeling like a lead pipe had taken up residence in my head.

When can we do it again?
Mike and I both have the day off on Friday, and we should have the gas money then, too to go into Brighton or to Woburn. I'll send an e-mail out to folks.