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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

update (mostly NERO stuff)

Well, NERO happens, and Issy is all depressed again. Here's why:
Her secret is out.
Someone she loved is permanantly dead.
Otto still won't tell her anything.
After deciding she trusted Lord Craig, she now has decided he is just another jackass noble.
She met a unicorn too good for his own horn.
She learned that her husband killed an innocent man.
She still feels ineffective in battle, and even walked away from the Sunday Shadow battle for a while.
Everyone thinks her efforts to make the world a better place are "sweet".
She feels they lost most of the battles this weekend, and the only reason the entire town didn't res Saturday is because they rifted out.
Did I mention she feels ineffective?
Her wife, the only person who never leaves her, left her (little leave not big Leave).
She has been having nightmares and uncontrolable compulsions.
And the kicker is, it's still too cold at night.

Debating going to Ashbury this weekend. And deciding whether to PC or NPC. And trying not to feel guilty if I ask for money to play and for interrupting the ride schedule. Wondering if it would be worth the hassle.

Have a monologue to memorize for tomorrow. Halfway done reading the play James wants help running next semester. Yoga is cool. Going to Florida next week. That's about it.


::hug:: I wish I'd had more time to spend with you over the weekend - I think both Rhys and Issy could've used a friend.
I wish I'd had more time to spend with both of you this weekend. ;-) I miss the NERO crew....
We miss you too! (((hugs)))
That's the problem with being a squire, no time for friends. :-P
No time for friends, sleep, food... Sheesh! I think I relaxed more when I NPCed. :)

Though, now that we've got a nice long break until the next event, and the weather's nicer, I think it's time to break out a nice tabletop game...