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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Warning: NERO-related

I suppose I should be grateful for the 2 days of summer we had. But now it's back to blankets and long sleeves. I really hope it warms up some this weekend. On the bright side, all the rain will soften up the pine needles and make sneaking easier. Tonight I will have the oven on, so I suppose having a chill in the sir is serendipitous, since last night I was forbidden to bake, understandably. But I MUST make brownies to sell IG. The corn muffins did not go over very well. And well, after 3 years in the game with this charachter, I think it's time I gathered up the money to get something neat and magical. I haven't decided what that something should be, but I would like to have the resources to get something nice for my poor little sailor girl. She deserves it. I should also figure out how to get some of those cunning little ritual components that never seem to be where I am. And of course, there is the search for the mysterious "ritual scroll". Issy has seen them, but is reluctant to charge the biggest thing on the field to get one. And even if there is one to be had from doing nice things, like rescuing slaves, people on teams always seem to get them. Not that Issy is a treasure hoarder by any means; there are times I have to scrounge for dinner coin, though that has been less frequent since prices dipped in the tavern. However, the tavern with it's too low prices is now putting the rest of the little food sellers out of business. But that could have been the nature of my wares, hence the brownies. But as a player, I want my charachter to have cool things. I think that's a reasonable desire. But the roleplay of my charachter makes building a "stash" a long and arduous process. Ah! The perils of being a goody-goody pacifist in a game where you get treasure by killing things! *sigh* It's frustrating sometimes. There are few rewards for being a good guy IG. I think my next charachter will be less good. Maybe not bad exactly, but definately less good. Guess I have NERO on the brain.


You know, if you're interested, we've got a snow-cone maker that we can bring - it might be nice enough on Saturday for them to sell, especially during times like the warrior's duel. I'll definately buy a brownie or three - chocolate is always good.

They're working on getting some more RP rewards out there - I think it's pretty obvious who gets all the magic items, and how the "independants" tend to get screwed. Last time around, I made sure that a componant got dropped after Vree & Brat fed one of the bears, so hopefully it'll become a trend.

I'm certainly willing to help get you stuff too - Rhys has that "generous to a fault" quality to him... he tries to hide it, but he's a big softie. ;)
I know. You are really sly about selling Issy things at cost. hehehe Can you do me a huge favor? I don't know if you'll see this before game or not, but can you save me a teacher card after you do logistics? I really need to learn waylay before i do logistics. I transfered Issy from Ashbury and blanketed the hell out of her and I have 16 free build that are burning a hole in my pocket, but I need stinkin teacher cards. Help!!
Will do. We probably won't be there until about 7-8 pm, but I'll try to check in as soon as I can. Not like I need to be in costume to actually run through logistics. :)
(((tacklehug))) Thanks. I won't be there till about the same time.