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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

cold feet and NERO

I'm not backing out of anything, my feet are just really cold.

I just finished telefiling my state taxes. It would have taken less time to do the paperwork version. I'm all packed for NERO and Beth and I are just waiting for our ride to show up. I printed out my updated charachter card that the Caldaria GM sent me, just in case logistics at HQ has another bout of dumb when I show up. But Issy is mid-level! Wow. I remember being 15 build, and now she's almost 15th level. She doesn't feel any bigger or stronger. ;-) This event marks the last time I intend to go to HQ, at least for a while. I have too little time and money to go to both chapters. But I have been promised charachter history plot 4 years in the making, and some of my favorite people are writing the event, so I want to go support them. And there are people I don't get to see at Caldaria, like Momma Glorianna and Aria. This site does not have heated cabins, but they do have attached bathrooms, so it's a bit of a tradeoff. I'm going to bring the space heater, but the cabins are pretty drafty with way high ceilings, so it might not do any good. I will have to rely on old-fashioned snuggles and an electric blanket for my sanity. Hope my weapons pass. Hope my new boots keep my feet warm enough at night. But an entire NERO weekend with no rain? Is this the end of the world???