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led astray

January 2013

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someone is pleased with me

Bureaucracies are strange entities, despite my recent studies in Confucianism. I have spent lots of energy and heartache and stress trying to secure enough money to live on for the rest of the semester, and of course it has been like squeezing money out of a miser (and realize the amusing irony of my metaphor). Every time I spoke to someone about finding a solution, I got a different answer, ranging from, "There is nothing you can do" to, "Fill out this form" to, "There is no such form". Yesterday I went in with the form that doesn't exist and the required paperwork attached and attempted to hand it in for review, expecting to get an answer of "we're still thinking" in a couple of weeks. I hand the paperwork to the man and he looks at me like I have two heads and says, "What is all this for? You didn't have to do this." I explained as best I could that I did, indeed, have to do this because his colleagues, after much hassle on my part, had told me to do so. He took the papers to another section of office where I could see some woman he was talking to begin gesticulating wildly and heard her yelling at him to get out of her office. A few uncomfortable minutes later (during which they were whispering and looking back at me), he returned with my papers in his hand and said it was taken care of and they were going to give me some money back, and reaffirmed that I had taken unnecessary steps to accomplish this. I, in my now dizzied state of confusion and relief, thanked the man and marked his face in my mind as the one to go to the next time I have a problem.


That's awesome.

Not that you had to go through the hassle of extra, apparently unecessary steps, but that someone was so willing to help you and be honest with you about the situation. Woo-hoo for money back!!

Woo hoo! Now if they can just get it to me before rent is due...
Bureaucracies suck. Plain and simple.. :P I used to get that kind of crap all the time at Columbia. I was convinced that somewhere up there was a little fat man on a cloud who "knows what's going on" all the time on campus and knows the answers to everything. Not that he'd tell anyone, of course.. :)

Speaking of getting money out of monsters (or did you say misers?), you should come to NERO this weekend in Ashbury. :) And play your Gorb... all the kitties are going to be there this weekend.. w00t!

Anyhoo, *hugs!*
Tamsen hasn't been seen lately, but Issy seems to have wandered into a patch of mist. Bloody hell, I hope she doesn't wind up back in that awful Ashbury City....