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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Er. I hardly know what to say. Boo has been awfully friendly towards me that last couple of days, but Tink pissed on my clothes again. Maybe it's thier reaction to me being gone so much. Gosh, that's self-centered of me to think.

The play. Well, for those who haven't been here, it's had every complication the gods could come up with, including lighting that wasn't on the actors, last night was opening night and some of the costumes still aren't finished, the director got and has been passing around a stomach virus, and the narrator quit the night before we opened and the replacement had to read lines from a "journal" on stage. But I am making a wonderful friend out of this. James. He's been doing my hair and makeup for the show. He has been consistantly nice to me since the begining of the semester, and I'm really glad we're doing the next play together too.

I skipped classes today because I needed rest, and because I didn't get my homework done yesterday as planned due to an emergency call to help the replacement run lines and blocking with us. Now there is a brave soul.

James says I have no excuse not to go out with people after the show tonight. I think I do. A couple really good ones, like I'm broke, and I live way the hell out of everyone's way and wouldn't know how to tell them to get to my place even if they offered to drive, and the T only runs till 12:30.