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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

crazy cat lady

I haven't updated in a while.  My illness got the better of me for a pretty big chunk of time.  I thought it was one thing, but changing that thing didn't help, so I saw my med doc and he adjusted my dose.  I feel a slight difference, but these things take time.  Hopefully it will level things in here.

Been doing a little bit of crafting.  Trying to eat better.  I've set myself another goal with a small but fun reward.  I'm going to send out 1 resume per day for 2 weeks.  At the end, I get some Maharajah seasoning from Penzeys.  Might try to walk to D&D tonight.  It's an ambitious 5 miles.  Borrowing an Indian cookbook from the neighbors. I'm picking a recipe, making a list, and they're taking me grocery shopping tomorrow, so that'll be fun.  Trying out some learn-how-to-learn-better stuff.

Cor found a new place and we moved some stuff in yesterday.  It's a really nice place and the roommates seem really pleasant.  There's a tree swing and a big dog and a second story porch.  I am so very glad.  His current situation is just untenable.  The landlady bitched me out last night.  I made a mistake.  It was an honest mistake.  Cor was in the shower and landlady was out.  I started to burn dinner and the house was filling up with smoke.  I opened the two doors and let the smoke out for about 5-10 minutes.  She got home and asked why her cat was outside and expressed displeasure.  I explained what happened and apologized.  She dressed me down and went off about how that's not ok and how dare I.  It's worth noting at this point that I have seen the cats outside when she was there.  Let me repeat, I have seen the cats outside.  Then there was a frantic search to see if the other 2 cats had gotten out.  One had.  There was another round of berating, and another apology.  She's slamming doors and stomping while scolding me some more.  Ok, I understand that she was upset and I can understand why (they apparently have to be in at night due to local coyotes).  She goes outside to call the cat.  She comes back in to get a flashlight and says, "Now I have to be outside All Night calling my cat Because of You."  I pack up and ask Corey to take me home.  As i'm getting into the car she finds the cat and yells to me that she's sorry and accepts my apology.  Meh.  So, yeah, I'm glad he's moving.