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led astray

January 2013

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birth control setback/solution

Yikes, the last few weeks have been a constant struggle against rage, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.  I blame my birth control alternative.  My regular (blessed) pills were on back order for weeks.  Nobody had them.  My state health insurance wouldn't cover the name brand. The pharmacy had to put a call in to my primary care doc to get a scrip' for an alternative.  Bad Idea.  I guess it used a different hormone because I felt batshit crazy within 36 hours of taking it.  During that time I started a temp job over in Cambridge.  I was doing a great job and being friendly and keeping my head down during some office drama (the drama being the cause of the temp opening), but it was all I could do by the end of the day not to scream or commit violence.  I overate junk food all damn day every day and had nothing left.  I called the pharmacy twice a week to see if my regular pills had come back, as this was the only new thing in my life that wasn't aiding overtly helpful or positive.  So here I am 2 days since getting back on my regular stuff and I feel like a different person.  I'm in a good mood, excited about the proof and possibilities of my life reboot, crafting tons, and less overwhelmed by my online classes as they ramp up.  Corey has been patient and gentle and treating me well.  We're doing craft lesson exchanges, which is tons of fun and experimental cooking that isn't helping my weight-loss goals.  :-P  I have 3 main projects going, one spinning, one knitting, and one crocheting, oh and a mask Corey is teaching me how to make.  Because I always need new crafts.  Right now there are 4 active classes.  Monday there will be 5, but I'm focusing on 2 of them (Python, both of them from different institutions).  The rest are just fun/curiosities, so I'm not doing assignments or tests.  I did some classwork and knit some this morning.  Now I'm going to watch a movie and spin.  After that I'll crochet and have lunch.  Later, Corey is picking me up to spend the night at his place, with a possible hang out with other folks this evening and a definite one for tomorrow evening.  It's a good day.