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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

end of day

I wake up reluctantly when it's still dark out.  After a shower and some tea I get ready to go.  I leave early so I can catch the bus that isn't crowded.  The early wake-up is worth it.  I get off the bus at Central and walk the mile and a half to the office.  It's nice and cool and it gives me time to get involved in my music.  I get in early.  I've asked them to open the door for me and they oblige.  I log on and browse Ravelry since facebook is blocked.  The rest of the day goes by pretty uneventfully.  I workworkwork like they're paying me, 'cause they are.  I leave and walk the shorter distance to Kendall and take the train one stop so I can catch the earlier afternoon bus right before rush hour.  By the time I hit the door I am exhausted.  It's like I used up all my energy, willpower, and stamina getting through the day.  I don't want to clean the kitchen, make dinner, do laundry, even knit.  But I'm hungry.  So I grab the first easy things I can find, which end up being junk.  After a glut of fat, carbs, sugar, salt, and sometimes alcohol, and a bit of rest I can manage to rally enough to do dinner/kitchen stuff.  But when do I get to work out?  At 5am before work?  at 5pm after work when I'm exhausted?  I don't have the energy or motivation.  I'm behind on other house chores.  My feet are swollen by the time I get home from work and I can barely imagine running.  So between the junk food dinners and the lack of exercise, I've put 6-8 pounds back on.  I am not pleased with this, but all I seem able to do about it is whine.