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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

and the wheel goes 'round

Yesterday I was super with it and productive and badass and felt great.  I ate pretty healthy food in decent portions.  I planned on today being just as productive and energetic.  Yyyyyyyeah, not so much.  I had planned to get up ass early and run before work.  Not only did that not happen, I got up late and rushed to get out the door, scarfing a fairly healthy breakfast.  Got to work and had a lot of trouble remembering all the shit that was so easy yesterday, but I didn't have time to get upset about it (thankfully) because there's always more work to do.  This is a very different experience from the office I normally work in directly accross the hall.  So it was gogogo, then I started to feel dizzy and brain-lag and I thought I should eat some lunch.  I rooted around in my bag...in all the pockets...and again...shit, I packed my lunch but forgot to bring it with me.  :-P  So I opted to hit the grocery store on my lunch break.  I managed not to buy a bunch of crap, despite shopping on low blood sugar, but once I got to the store it occured to me that I had put my lunch in the fridge at work.  *sigh*  Having failed to run in the morning, I resolved to run when I got home.  That didn't happen.  Even though I had prepared lentils and barley last night to make chili today, I got home exhausted and immediately stuffed my pie hole with all the fatty, fast, high calory foods I could get my hands on.  I still haven't put away the dishes or done any class work, and I think if I didn't have something on the stove, I'd be in bed already.  Meh.  I should go stir that.