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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


Physical pain all day today.  My stomach seems to be having stress knots again.  It comes in waves, persistently.  I've had the nas-tea and peppermint tea.  I asked Cor to help me make dinner.  I've tried distracting myself with yarn.  I'm down to taking deep breaths. I need to stay up for 1 more hour so i can take my meds at a reasonable time and take care of girl-time stuff.  I barely slept last night due to my menses-triggered headaches.  

Cor and I had a talk today.  While whirlwind romance is fun and engrossing, we both have situations that need work and space to do that work in.  We're going to limit seeing each other to once a week, alternating between his place and this one to lessen the impact on our respective housemates.  This is the most reasonable and responsible relationship decision I think I've ever made.

Got yarn to work on a BIG project.  Still need to order some for Kir's commission, but I at least have the pattern and shape decided on.  Plenty to do, plenty to do.  

I'm working on 3 classes online.  Two of them I'm actively trying and the third I'm just auditing out of interest.  2 weeks to my first official programming class, then another two weeks after that, and a couple more in October.  I'm very excited.

I have a 3 week position at Cambridge school admin, but in a different department.  That's awesome!  They're getting to know me over there and word is spreading that I'm reliable and competent.  Maybe I'll get 2 reccomendations from over there.  But now I have to reschedule a couple things (med doc and therapy in the middle of the day).

So, yeah, good day mentally and emotionaly despite menses, lack of sleep, and Cor's creepy landlady.  Bad day physically, still in a lot of pain.