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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

comfort zone

I'm playing a "game" online called SuperBetter.  It's a wellness game designed by a woman who was seriously depressed to help turn positivity into something understandable to us gamers.  I won't lie, it sometimes feels hokey.  But the quest I'm on is to write about my comfort zone.

What’s your current relationship with your comfort zone?

Fortressed within it? Always busting through it? 

YOUR QUEST: Write in your journal or send an email to a friend about your comfort zone.

What it is, for you? How often are you in it? How does it feel to leave it?

My comfort is always being tested and changing because I experience so much mental and emotional fluctuation.  What's comfortable today may not be comfortable tomorrow.  Some things have a higher percent chance of being comfortable, like knitting and crocheting.  Other things, like my relationship with food, have huge differences from day to day.  Social activities can change from hour to hour.  There are smells and animals that Always calm me.  I think that I will have more overall comfort once I'm more independent and have my own place.  I like being here with my friends, but I'm not a kid anymore and need to stand up on my own.  I'm most comfortable in my room with all my fiber stuff, or on the path that follows the river, and i would love to be able to swim in it.