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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Valentine's Day

I love you all. Every day. I don't need Hallmark to remind me. Therefore no one is getting any candy or cards from me, and I have asked not to recieve any from those who might have felt the need.

Besides, ever notice how a dozen roses is $15 most other times, and all of a sudden $50 on this day you're supposed to buy them? And they are dead. Lifeless things that are pretty for a few days and then wilt and then you throw them out. That is not the kind of thing I would want to be a symbol of someone's feelings for me. But I'm just one person who may have thought about this a little too much.

NERO was...um...tiring. It made me want to game more, but for different reasons. I had a good time for some of the time, and playing with my friends was really amusing. I had to amuse myself for a good deal of the time, but I started to annoy myself eventually. There was a feeling of apathy about everything that happened that wasn't the auction, and most of the PCs spent thier interactions with us trying to get us not to screw up thier auction, which we didn't care about anyway. I lost motivation for my charachter to be there and was ready IG and OOG to leave by Saturday afternoon.



I kinda figured your group wouldn't be too thrilled with the environment.. or any of the other good guys basically. I was happy to see you again, though. : )
I accepted that we were in bad-guy-land. A lot of my gripe is about the "good guys" who didn't care that we were being bullied by the mafia. And was kinda annoyed about some particular stuff that particular NPCs did, but I'll talk to you about that privately.
I actually have to apologize for this, my own apathy got in the way of living up to Jonothans potential at this event. Arriving a day late. Having to play catch up to the whole plot and the general stupidity of other characters. You won't believe how much I've banged my head on my desk after I got some rest and mulled the event over, especially towards the Zoo. Good guys have bad days sometimes I guess.

I'm standing by Rex's lesson for the weekend: "Everyone sucks but us." :)
It will make some interesting roleplay if she ever meets you again, or anyone else who was there for that matter. Part of me wants to play her in Caldaria this season and stir us some trouble, but 4 events means primary playing. Not to worry, Issy still likes you! ;-)