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led astray

January 2013

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Bring the leeches!

My blood is hot.  The last day or so I've been feeling feverish, but not hot to the touch.  I can't feel it on my skin but I've been overheating internally.  The AC is on (I was getting chilly sitting in it last week), i only have on a tank top and shorts and a wet washcloth on my neck and shoulders for some evaporation coolness.  My head is throbbing like it's too full of blood and my hands are swollen.  I really hope this is a temporary side effect that will go away.  The first couple weeks on the new med were awesome, but now I feel lethargic again and just hot and too full of blood.  I'm getting a good amount of water and I've eaten plenty of healthy food today.  I just want to sleep, but I'm restless and uncomfortable.  Maybe this is what a swollen tick feels like.  Please please please go back to being a helpful drug.  We got on so well the last 2-3 weeks.  Why the nastiness now?  Was it something I ate?  I'll stop eating it.  I don't understand chemistry.  Bring the leeches!!  I have too much hot blood in me.


What about that research place in Brighton that pays you for blood donations? That might help how you feel, put $50 in your pocket, and help research. And since it is generally used to test medical products rather than used in patient transfusions, there is less likely a reason your meds will have them turn you down as long as they are looking for your bloodtype. :-)

Plus, the weather is DISGUSTING even with A/C. So you aren't the only one feeling worse for the wear this week or so. *hugs*
They moved, and last time I tried to contact them I never got a response. :-/