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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

funeral season

An unfortunate trend; people dying in the Summer.  Wolfhart's mom passed.  Hoyce and his woman offered to bring me down to PA for the funeral, mainly to be there for wolfhart.  I went.  I was uneasy, but everyone was friendly and civil.  I had some moments of discomfort, but I think a good deal of that came from a lack of sleep (new bed, new people, strained relationships with not-new people, etc) and being stuck in a car for So Long.  He's holding up well.  The day after the funeral Hoyce and I went out to wolfhart's house to spend time with him.  We got off to a late start, but we spent a nice chunk of time with him and his girl and braveroar watching silly internet videos and playing Arkham Horror.  I smoked some cigars and drank a lot of cider, but still managed to not get enough rest.  One morning Hoyce's mom and I went into the backyard and picked lots of wild blueberries.  She made bluberry pancakes and sent us home with what was left.  The berry picking was enjoyable and I could have stayed doing that for hours except for the mosquitoes who were getting as much snack out of me as I was getting out of the trees.  I had a fight with boy when I got home.  We've both been under a lot of stress.  But I got up and ran today.  It wasn't my best showing, but I tried.  I think I was still tired from the week.  And I finally got that chapter recorded and edited for librivox audio books (just in time).  It was fun and pretty easy once I got into it.  They said I have a nice voice and a clear reading style and they'd like to hear more from me, so I signed up to do another chapter.  :-)  Well, I'm sleepy and nearly satisfied with my day, so I'm going to bed.