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led astray

January 2013

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eat the world

Yesterday I wanted to eat the world. It's not that I was hungry. I ate enough, and decent food, not junk. Ok, I did eat a little junk, but only a little. Wanted to fill theHoleInMe with food. *sigh*

Progress is cyclical. I'm back into a lull in learning. Sylvan sent me an apt web comic: http://abstrusegoose.com/474 I just have to keep at it. Perhaps instead of getting stuck in details, I'll try moving forward into further lessons and see how things are used and that will give me a better idea of what they're trying to express. I have several books/tutorials going. The problem is the information curve. I follow, I follow, and then while I'm trying to learn to tread water they drop me in over my head. I'll get it. When I ask Sylvan to explain something it makes sense. Maybe because she has a liberal arts background she knows better how to communicate to me. (Maybe she should write a book.) I was reading an online book about Java and I had trouble continuing because the grammar is SO BAD, I doubt the rest of the content. It's a different method of thought. But I started learning to touch-type. I know, I should have done it long ago. Better late than never. And it's so far the only Chrome app I've been satisfied with. I just dislike making mistakes, so typing without looking is scary because I make mistakes. Oh well. I'll get over it.

Going to introduce Boy and Puck this evening. I think they'll get on well.

Yesterday evening I saw the baby bunny my neighbor found in the neighborhood. Also saw my first beaver(?) in the neighborhood. So much fauna! The bunny was trying to go through a hole in a standard wire fence like the chipmunks do. I think the bunny probably did it a few times a couple weeks ago but now is too big, so it stuck its face in the hole and tried to jump through but didn't go anywhere. This went on for a full minute. So cute! It didn't hurt itself and eventually backed out and took a different path.

It's cool enough today to use the oven. I'm going to make a potato/summer squash casserole. It went over well when i made it before. It's very satisfying to see something I made get eaten all up. :-)

Med doc tomorrow. The adjustment has been doing fairly well, but I think it needs a little more tweaking. I've been having intermittent leg twitching that sometimes keeps me up for hours when I would have otherwise fallen asleep. I'm annoyed that my therapist started to do some real work with me right before she went on vacation. What can ya do. I know it wasn't on purpose and I'm sure she deserves a vacation. I'll live. Last week was pretty rotten up in my brain for no reason and I mostly stayed in my room. So far this week is smoother and more manageable.

Still looking for a home for Tink. :-/