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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

summer, day 1 official

Today it's mid 90's and humid. I have, with permission, turned on the AC. I got up early so I could go to the post office before it got stupidly hot out. I needed to send my insurance reevaluation so I can continue to have coverage and do things like go to therapy and take my meds. I also hit the bank to deposit the modest check I earned being awkward yesterday evening. A neighbor has Parkinson's and his wife had a doctor appointment after the regular caretaker left for the day. I didn't have to help him with bodily functions, but I felt very uncomfortable because he isn't able to communicate very well. Their dog is almost as high maintenance as the patient. What is it with tiny dogs? I had to keep pulling it off the poor man's lap so he could eat in peace. The wife got back an hour later than she said, which didn't help my nerves, but it was another $12. I'm scheduled to do it again next Thursday. I don't want to go, but I do want to keep paying my phone bill.

I'm making some good headway with Java now that I made up my mind to focus on just that language. (What, can't I learn 4 languages at once?) It's gotten fun again now that I got through a lot of text and back into actually doing test programs. I'm not devising my own just yet, but it's good practice and pretty entertaining. I chose Java out of a possible 5 languages that there are books on in the house because the number of Java books, and relative real world usefulness, was higher than any of the others.

I've been working hard on me stuff. I'm going through old pictures and deleting a bunch. Funny, it clears a bunch of hard drive space. I've also been going through my yarn, including the screw-up bag and organizing, balling up things that might get used and throwing out things that won't. Therapy is starting to ramp up now that my therapist and I have found a stride. I'm sure my stuff purge is linked.

I had a bit of an argument with boy the other day. He was pushing me to get a vendor permit and sit in Harvard Square with my knit stuff to sell. The idea is to not put price tags on anything and ask the tourists what they think the stuff is worth and haggle. *shudder* I snapped at him and flashed the "poor me" card. He called me on my shit and I deflated. It might happen. It's just been a complete bust the last, I don't know, 3 years. Hope is scary. It's definitely not a day for trying to sell wool hats today.