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led astray

January 2013

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crafting course change

I am limiting my crafting...for a while. No new fiber projects until I get through at least one of the programming texts/tutorials I'm working on. Not just to read it, but to Know it and its contents and execute the exercises. I have a couple theoretical code-based applications in which to further explore my craft of choice through a craft of possible employment (enjoyment?).

I am going to try to liquidate old fiber projects to get them out of my life. The plan is that most things will be $20 per item. I failed at making m hobby a business and I want to get these things out of my life. I only want to make things for myself or gifts, not to sell. It's hard to let the stuff go, but I need to shift focus. I know June isn't when most people think about buying wool hats, but what can ya do.

I put out a couple resumes this evening. I'm dubious about this process. I got denied SSDI and I'm seriously wondering how the appeal process equates to the finding a job process and wondering which will cause more stress. The jury is out.

Need to find a new situation for Tink. It's not working out at her new home and I'm not sure what else to do. She has needs that are hard to meet.

Had a few dates with a New Boy. He's pretty keen so far. A starving artist like myself.

Running at week 5 on the program, tweaking the program as needed. I'm not losing weight yet. :-/ Still comfort eating. But my legs look great.