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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

more gripe

Today we went to the grocery store; me, dizzy/hurt grandma, and grandma's asshat ex.  New place.  Palsey(?) shaking driver.  Slow gramma getting in the way of other people in the store.  Yeah, I had a panic attack.  I had to push through.  She didn't notice.  I had to help her walk.  They were yelling at each other at top volume in the store.  Then, when that was finally over, we had to go to ANOTHER FUGGING GROCERY STORE for bread and lemons.  When we got back to the house, grandma fell asleep in her chair and the ex came and sat next to me. He wants me to help him learn to make the magic box play his games, even though he can't remember how to operate a search engine.  Oh, and could I teach him to make friends... and it would be best for grandma if I moved in here and took over her care because she's getting older and not better and I don't have my own life (was the implication).  He was a little touchy, but luckily very nervous about it, so it didn't go too far, but I still felt icky.  The my aunt texted me to see when it would be safe for her to call me (for the first time I think EVER) to talk about grandma.  She told me what I was doing wrong while she wouldn't bother to call grandma and ask her how she's doing or come down here herself to help out so FUCK HER.  This morning I tried on a shirt and it didn't fit my bust.  Said grandma, "Well, you could lose some weight."  But she won't stop offering me CAKE and ICE CREAM and CHIPS and mixed drinks and everything she comes across, which btw is everywhere.  My quirk about feeling uncomfortable with a low-stock of food?  I get that honest.  She has so much food she can't eat it before it rots, not like that stops her.  "It's still good, it's still good!"  Famous last words.  If I die here, but that on my tombstone.  I've been throwing things out.  She looks like she's going to cry when I do.  The fridge, freezer, and cabinets are overflowing...and so is the fridge-sized freezer in the garage.  And she wanted to buy more and more at the store today that wasn't on the list.  I'm going to lost my mind.

Also, Introduction to Logic sucks.  Intro to Computer Science rocks.