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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

This morning was a challenge for my willpower.  I lingered in bed, missed my shower and breakfast, just got dressed and dashed out the door...and got to work an hour early.  Oh well.  I'll probably walk over to Dunk's later for a sandwich.  Have to go to Magpie to pick up my left-over hats that didn't sell in the last couple years, then CBT, then home and probably right to bed.   

Hung out with Alor last night.  We went out for dinner and stopped at the liquor store on the way back to my place.  I picked up the cheapest bottle of Absinthe I've ever seen and eyeballed some tequila that has a scorpion at the bottom instead of a worm.  I'm thinking birthday time I might dare myself to eat it.  It was nice to chill and talk to someone who has known me for so long, and a little sad that just as we're getting back to being close, he'll be moving out of state.

But I'm officially signed up for individual therapy again, I just have to wait for an assignment.  I've requested to not be given to an intern this time, as I dislike having to start over and over and over.  I've discovered as much as I'm pulling it together and wearing my game face, I'm not okay inside.  I'm glad that I can function when I have to, but I'm terribly grateful to have the space to do some real recovery work when my temp assignment is over.