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led astray

January 2013

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I got an encore performance of the 'Mags is a shit-heel' show last night after Hoyce showed her my lj.  Complete with talking over me and misquoting me.  Good times.  I held in the venom.  I'm told that's the proper way to behave, but it doesn't feel good.  It feels like I just let her walk all over me, but I couldn't say what was on my mind.  That's probably a good thing.  So much for open dialogue.  Note to self, sometimes the silent treatment is preferable.  I said what I said.  I meant it.  I don't take it back and I'm not sorry.  Honesty is a harsh mistress.  

Speaking of honesty,I had some chat time with sistah, who gave me a dose of tough love.

In other, actual news, I got inspired yesterday when I stumbled across free-form crochet and spent a good part of the day getting in some quality crafting time.  Pics when it looks like something.  I'm working on a tree-ish thing, and I have a couple more ideas to use up scraps/stash, and perhaps some art therapy.  

But today I want to get a couple bags full of stuff and hike them over to the new digs. Maybe that's a good way to put some of this venom to good use.  I can't get out of here fast enough, but I still need a home for Tinka.  Ugh, I'm drained.  Wish I had my own transportation.  There are sooooooo many things I wish I could rely on myself for.  Right now, moving is top of the list.


This stuff is so hard. It's not fair, I agree. Things always get so weird when there's suddenly a third party in the mix who happens to be a romantic interest. I'm just sorry you got stuck in the middle.

Hang in there, get through it, and I assure you that some day you and Hoyce will be able to reconnect as friends again if you wish it. All of this stuff passes.