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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


The silent treatment blows.  What are we, 5?  Can't we talk about things like adults?  No, because in this case, if she ignores me long enough, I'll just go away.  Well it sucks farts from a goat ass.  This is the very kind of shit that got me upset in the first place.  She has nothing to say to me but she has plenty to say about me.  I tried to be nice.  I even thought we were going to be pals, and that things were going to be ok.  But no, it's just as I thought it would be, only worse.  Everyone's crazies are bristling against each other, but I'm the only one getting shit for being crazy.  We're all mad here.  Why am I the only one being told to go to the fucking looney bin?  I don't think I am the only source of discord, but I get all the blame.  Lovely.  This environment is toxic.  Everyone is mad at me and defensive like I tried to hurt them.  It's they who are hurting me.  And this is what I don't understand, how I got to be the bad guy.  I've been down on my luck for a long time and now I'm being kicked in addition.  Change is necessary and inevitable, but there are better ways to go about it than to give me 2 weeks notice and throw me to the wolves.  He has turned on me.  He used to come to my defense that staunchly.  Now I'm nothing.  He used to call me sister, now he barely speaks to me, but thinks she shits rainbows.  *sigh*