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led astray

January 2013

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just how dumb are we?

I was watching television today to check on the snow forecast, when I accidentally witnessed a commercial. The catch phrase of the commercial was "Don't think twice." Eventually, it became, "Don't think." The ad was for a travel company, and animated people in the commercial were asking about legitimate concerns they had about going away, such as who would feed the pet. And the company's reply to every concern was "don't think" and just leave. It isn't enough that ad agencies use psychological backhanding to get us to buy stuff. Now they want us to just stop thinking. And sadly, some people just will.



How dumb? Well, we (as in the US) *DID* vote in the Dubbya this term..

I've heard this commercial far too many times in my lengthy car rides to work. Luckily Tori CDs don't have comericals or I'd have no repreive.

So, semi-related, I came across an article on MSNBC "How to fake it on Super Bowl Sunday" - basically a how to guide on fitting in at a superbowl sunday party and how to fake rooting for teams and such. Fun read.

Basically our advertisers and marketers are telling us, "Don't think" and "If you don't fit in, just pretend." Something tells me that we have moved out of the "Unique people are so neat" phase of society.

hm.. I've also heard that Broadcasters and publishers are being given "secret" bonuses from the Government to "push" the idea of marrige onto John Q. Public. I can't vouch for the truth of this, though.

*hugs and stuff*