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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

and sometimes it's laughing AT you

I was really psyched about this week. Beth is here, and I had the whole week off. Eric had sceduled himself a week off between jobs this week too. I was really looking forward to spending it with them. Beth now has a job and leaves pretty early in the morning, is gone most of the day, then is tired when she gets back. And Eric's car needs work, which means a trip to Conneticut to see his father's mechanic so dads will pay. Only this time they say it will take several DAYS, so he's gone tonight. Corey is hanging out in Western Mass till an undisclosed time, and Tammi works all day and has classes of one sort or other just about every night. So that leaves me and the cats, who, while I love them, aren't great company while they sleep during the day. I am not mad at any of them. In fact, i'm feeling pretty selfish about being upset about this.

I thought about buying a joint to smoke on just such an occasion, but I would have nowhere to smoke it, and really, I would still be alone and could take a nap or eat or play video games (what I would do if stoned) anytime without paranoia and guilt.

I know I should be doing work on my play or going to the gym. But I'm not.


If'n it wasn't supposed to snow like crazy all night, I'd come over.
Thanks. I like company. And you haven't seen our place yet. But it looks like snow and snow followed by some snow. *pout*
Stoopit snow.
I'd come up but my car isn't very good, it supposed to snow, there are 6 hours of road between us and I have to work tomorrow.

Geez, I'm tired just thinking about it...


hm.. road trip to Boston this weekend?

I work on the weekends. :(


Gah. Well, Goshen is here for you if you feel like making a quest..