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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

on a child's hat

I decided that making hats for my sister's kids will somehow grant me a bit of redemption. Problem is, I don't know how big an 11 year-old's head is. My niece wants a blue monster-eating-your-head hat. How I normally check fit is by using my own head. That's not going to help me here. And it's for a kid in Florida, so I'm worried it may be too warm, even though it's acrylic and funfur. I could be worried needlessly, and the hat will fit just fine. I don't think getting it wrong will ruin Christmas, but I'd hate to give a disappointing present.

UMass sent me a letter threatening to do things that are already done. *rolls eyes* I'm already in collections, and have been for months now, and from them I've started the process of consolidation, and you're supposed to send them a confirmation letter. So why send me a letter threatening to turn me over to collections? Do you even own my debt anymore?? You sold it to collections and they added $2000+ to what I owe, so I don't have to take your lip, twat. I should call them anyway.

In TMI land, my period has been very light this quarter and only gave me one migraine. Thank goodness for small blessings.

I'm still looking for jobs. It's still Fucking Depressing.


When in doubt of a hat size - make it on the smallish side, but do a k1p1 rib for most of the bottom of the hat - and it will stretch like WOAH to accommodate most head sizes; that's what Good Grandma does, and it works like a charm.
Suggestion taken, but in 2x2 rib. :-)